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HC Pocketless Logo Hoodie

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Premium built cotton, mid-weight (420 gms), French Terry fleeced lining pullover. Anti-wrinkle & anti-shrink properties to sustain and maintain during the warmer periods of the year. Sustainable & durable as a complete whole. Oversized ink style printing located in the front of hoodie.

These next tier of hoodies was created to give another dynamic & option feature to the Outerwear department. Nowadays, it appears “Hoodie Season” is an all year affair & we respect that decision wholeheartedly.

We understand our original hoodies are extremely thick & warm so when it gets hotter, those gotta get put up until the Fall months.. so these will provide options & resources in the meantime.

Once again, the pre-drop community put a decent sized dent in this inventory. Tap in quickly & swiftly, we have limited sizes.