Heaven's Child

About Us

The Renaissance Era was described as the revival of art & literature under the influence of classical models succeeding before that time. Ultimately, serving as the rebirth for a world that tends to lose their way temporarily.

In this next chapter of being, we get back to our roots. Cultivating a culture that is comprehensive to the road & lanes paved prior. Through only this personal acknowledgment, we then can understand the sacrifices that were made before us.

When purchasing from Heaven’s Child, you’re not only getting premium made material but you are also receiving a custom & limited piece that allows for each design to make you feel and look  “1:1” .




Genesis 1:1 , “In the beginning, God created the heaven’s & the earth.” This is hardly a representation of a brand, it’s merely a lifestyle. Prioritizing an expression that seeks positive vibes, quality company & portrays Godly views.

God created Heaven first to serve as the ultimate safe place for us as Children. Despite the evils & misfortunes of the world, God ensured & instilled a safety net for us.

As children of God, we walk.. forever we walk in your spirit, wisdom, guidance & word.

Godspeed to all.



Culturally lifted & spiritually voiced depictions originating from the South Side of Chicago.

Black Owned, with all services & resources being supplied & attained from the community it serves. From the printing to the stitching, we as a brand believe in giving back to the community as a complete whole.

Within this personal endeavor, as we grow & expand as a brand.. Progressively the community grows & expands seemingly as well.

Gratefully, I can assure that foundational piece will never change throughout. Thank you for your continuous support.