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“Mogul” Oversized Cropped Tee

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Made with 270 grams of premium, anti-shrink & sustainable cotton. Heavyweight & quality in feel/touch throughout. Extremely comfortable with custom graphic design(s) landscaped on the front of the T-shirt & the logo printed on the neck.

This concept was created for those who make it happen. For those rare individuals who run into a problem but then instantly slide into a solution.

Success is not given in this world so you gotta just take it. If I waited until it was “my turn” I would still be waiting in line until this very day. Waiting your turn is necessary sometimes, but just not when it comes down to the success.

Go take that if it belongs to you!! They not sharing those components correctly, so if you feel like you gotta bust through the window because they not opening the door fast enough.. shatter that glass all over the floor!